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WCPSS News: Grief Conversation Resources

Resources for families on how to talk to your child about grief

Families, In light of the tragedy that took place on Saturday morning, we wanted to provide you with resources and support to your child. All of our school’s counseling and student services staff will be available this week if your child needs support while at school. As a parent or guardian, we wanted you to know and give you the opportunity to decide if this is information you want to share. As you think about how to care for your child, there are some resources that you might find helpful to assist your child through this loss. WCPSS has partnered with Transitions GriefCare in hopes of better supporting our grieving families, students and staff members. Transitions GriefCare offers a range of support services to help children & teens explore, understand and express their grief. Their services are available to anyone in our community at no cost. After a traumatic event such as the death of someone they are familiar with, we can expect students to feel anxious, sad, fearful, angry, or vulnerable. They may be scared of losing someone else close to them. Through encouraging discussion, being supportive of feelings, providing factual information and suggesting positive outlets, you can help your child be aware of and process their emotions. Every child is different, and the emotional response may vary in duration. Again, if you are concerned about your child’s response to this or any tragic event, reach out to the school counselor for additional resources and support. Below are additional links to resources for Parents/Guardians



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