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Dragonfly Families, it's time again for our Annual DDMES Raffle Bonanza and collection of Prizes for Teacher Appreciation Week Wheel of Fun day! We would love your help to secure these fantastic items.

Some Examples from Last Year's Raffle:

Raffle Items for Grade Levels (baskets) must be delivered to the school by April 19 to be entered into the Raffle. The Raffle will go live on April 24 through May 4 (International Night)

We are requesting two baskets per grade level. Please use this sign-up link if you can secure a basket for the Raffle. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with the DDMES PTA at

  1. Kindergarten – arts and crafts

  2. 1st grade – food/drink basket

  3. 2nd grade – games and toys

  4. 3rd grade – sports-themed baskets (can be college-themed or rec-sports theme)

  5. 4th grade - Legos

  6. 5th grade – movie night

In addition to the Grade Level baskets above, do you or someone you know have a service or business (photographer, restaurant, tickets, etc.) they would like to donate to the school for our Raffle? If so, please, contact Holly at, and let's chat!

Second Request!

Teacher Appreciation Week Wheel of Fun Day - May 5, 2023

We need items that can be used as prizes for the categories on our official Prize Wheel for the teachers to have a chance to win!

Prize categories:

  1. Pick a language

  2. Pick a country

  3. Treat yourself (e.g., lip balm, candles, face mask, men’s grooming products, etc.)

For the categories, Pick a Language and Pick a Country, prizes are placed in envelopes and taped to the wall; if they spin the wheel and it lands on one of the above, they can pick from the wall an envelope and win the prize inside. Preferred prizes are gift cards to restaurants, spa treatments, grocery stores, Amazon, Target, Michaels, salons, business services, etc.

Be creative…our teachers get so excited! See images from last year's Prize Day!


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