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Let's keep the love for DDMES Fundraising Going!

Last night was fantastic, and our dragonfly families came out to support the Dillard Drive Magnet Elementary School PTA with a bang! We don't have our final numbers just yet of the total raised from our Mod Pizza PTA night, but we know we had them slammed with orders!! THANK YOU!!

Let's keep that momentum going; if you weren't able to order and participate last night, you still can. From today until March 17th, 2021 you can still donate to the cause on the meal page through our fundraising partner GroupRaise!

Here's how it works -

It takes about 45 seconds to do if you have google pay set up on your device. If not, it will take you about a minute. There is a payment processing fee. Even the folks at GROUPRAISE have to eat. It's about a 16% charge. A $10 donation is roughly $8.41 in the PTA's pocket; if you can donate, great! If not, we will take all the good vibes and virtual high fives you want to give.

Remember -

Through our fundraising efforts, we will provide new and improved technology, resources for the media center, supplies for teachers, school campus improvements, and much more for our dragonfly students. In addition to the resources, we plan special events for the students and keep parents informed about school happenings and district policies through newsletters, member hub social media, and our website.

With the school and classrooms safely opening back up, we want to provide our teachers with supplies for our dragonfly students when they return. Funds we raise from this event and future go towards our teacher grant throughout the year! Let's keep the funds coming in so our teachers don't have to spend theirs.

Thank you for your continuous support to DDMES PTA and our school!



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