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DDMES Teacher Wish Lists

Our DDMES Teachers have classroom wish lists. These are items they need to help their classrooms succeed. We have asked them to share these Wish lists with the PTA in order that we might share them with you.

These items are needed throughout the year. Our teachers use them for upcoming class projects, presentations, and classroom improvements in order to enhance the learning experiences of your children. Many of these items teachers purchase out of pocket.

If you can help by donating or purchasing any of these items, please do so. You can find the teachers’ wish lists link below as well as listed on our PTA home page.

Feel free to copy the amazon or other links our teachers have shared within the list to access their list details. Every little bit helps our school and teachers to continue improvements.

(The Teacher Classroom Wish List is managed by our teachers and monitored by the PTA Board. DDMES teachers and PTA Board Members will adjust the list as items requested are filled.)

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Stacey P. Webb, VP/Communications Chair. Thank you for all of your support to our school, teachers, staff and students.



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