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3 New International Teachers at DDMES need Home Supplies!

We are preparing to welcome 3 new international teachers; they will likely arrive at the end of July, with only 2 suitcases.  Below you will find a document with a list of different essentials that our new teachers need. We are looking for items in good/great condition, even new!  EACH color represents a teacher.

After school is over/ teacher workday, items can be placed on the stage of the gym.  Please do not put clothing.

If you find items during the summer, please let me know.

Please contact.Mrs. Averre M.A. with questions.

Here is her phone number 919-599-8268 please connect with her for coordination for pick up/drop off.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any question!!!!!!!

Thank you!

Check out the link here for items requested or needed for our amazing new International teachers and their families!



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