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Dragonfly Dash

Updated: Feb 22

2024 Dragonfly Dash Updates

Dragonfly Dash Teaser Video 

This Fundraiser event will be held at the Dillard Drive Magnet Middle School Track on March 15, 2024. Each classroom will be allotted 20 minutes for each student to complete as many laps as possible around the track


Tentative Dash Schedule: ***Subject to Change***

8:30-9:25 Morning Set up

9:25-9:55 Pre K, Pre K AU, ECS 1, ECS 2

10:10-10:50 Fifth Grade

10:55-11:35 First Grade

11:40-12:20 Kindergarten

12:25-12:55 Lunch

1:00-1:40 Fourth Grade

1:45-2:25 Third Grade

2:30-3:10 Second Grade

3:10 Clean Up


Since this is a major fundraiser for DDMES, students will collect monetary pledges for the number of laps around the track they think they will complete.


How the fundraising will work:

  • Prior to the Dragonfly Dash, students will share with their parents how many laps they think they will finish. (e.g., a $5 per lap pledged would be a $30 total if the student completed six laps during their time slot on the Dragonfly Dash Event day)

  • Laps will be counted by wristbands when students pass the starting point after completing each lap.

  • An alternative to pledges for laps completed may be a flat donation regardless of how many laps they complete.

  • Pledges (both per lap and flat donations) should be entered on the GiveBacks fundraising page. HOW TO ACCESS STUDENTS PAGE VIDEO 

  • Payments indicated on Givebacks will be processed during the week of March 29, 2024 at 11:59 pm EST

  • Any donations based on any other paper form (If pledge sheets are requested -see special note below) should be turned in also during the week of March 29th. (cash or check)

All students have been entered into the Givebacks Online Fundraising System and are associated with their teacher. In the system, you can access your student’s personal fundraising page. Once you access your student’s page, you can start sharing that link with your family and friends through email or social media.


Special Note: Even though your student is already registered and you choose not to use the online system and would like to use a paper pledge form to collect, please get in touch with the DDMES PTA to receive that form.

The DDMES PTA sponsors this event and will provide water, ice treat , and Prizes. All students will receive official DDMES Dragonfly Dash wristbands to track their laps at the event.


Want to Volunteer or Swag for the Event

and Work the event Sign-UP is OPEN and you can also Purchase - Volunteer and Student Shirts in the DDMES Swag Shop to wear on your shirt! (you don't have to purchase a shirt if you volunteer, just an extra option for the eent experience if you choose. :) ) 


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