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COVID-19 safety practices updates

To continue to maintain safe learning environments, we are making the following updates to our COVID-19 safety practices. These changes take effect on 8/16 for schools currently in session, but are already being practiced in many areas.

  • For everyone over the age of 4, face coverings are required indoors in schools, all district buildings and on school-provided transportation, including school buses, activity buses, and vendor transportation. For Pre-K students, face coverings are strongly recommended for ages 3-4 and required for age 5. Face coverings are optional outdoors. Learn more about requesting a face covering accommodation.

  • If your student experiences an illness that does not include COVID-19 symptoms, it’s now easier for them to return to school quicker. For these illnesses, we’re returning to pre-pandemic health practices: Students can return to school when they are fever-free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours. Learn more about returning to school after an illness.

  • Safety practices for eating on campus are being strengthened. Most schools will group students when moving from the classroom to the lunch room and use assigned seating during meals. This practice of grouping students will help reduce the number of students required to quarantine if a student in their class becomes infected. This also allows students to talk with others in their group during meal times. Face coverings will be required except for the time when students are specifically eating.

All families will receive an email early next week with a full overview of all COVID-19 safety practices including lunch routines, playground time, visitors and more.

Consider adding funds to your student's meal account for a la carte purchases

Although meals are free this year, students will still have the option to make a la carte purchases. Due to a national coin shortage, there may be times when our cafes will not have sufficient coins to make change for a la carte cash purchases. If your student does not have exact change, and the cafeteria cashier does not have the change to give back, the money owed will be placed on the student’s school meals prepayment account for later use. An alternative to cash, a check can be submitted to the cafe to apply funds to your student's meal account or MySchoolBucks can be used to make deposits to your student's account. Learn More.

Monthly breakfast and lunch menu PDFs will no longer be posted on our district website

Menus will now be available on our interactive website, MealViewer. On the MealViewer website, families can:

  • Set up multiple profiles at the schools of your choice

  • See any menu changes posted by the manager at each site

  • Choose menu items based on allergens

  • View nutrients for each menu item

  • Add nutrients for meals eaten, even partial meals

  • Submit ratings on your favorite items

  • Print menus

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